This site attempts to record the literature and media associated, principally, with the Cold War Military Liaison Mission – BRIXMIS. It also refers to additional material relevant to other Cold War Military Liaison Missions.

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British Military Train raises prices (1981)

Prices rise on ‘The Berliner’ for the first time in 33 years, 31 years ago.
This from the Sunday Times archive section – 26 February 2012:
The Berliner (BMT) – 1981


Jolyon Jenkins produced a BBC Radio 4 documentary – ‘The BRIXMIS Story‘ – that was aired in June 2008. Clearly it’s no longer available on the BBC’s website, and, for copyright reasons, probably not available anywhere else … unless you know better?

USMLM Association website

Where has the USMLM Association website migrated to?

‘Honor Bound’

Anyone know where to get ‘Honor Bound’ a 1989 film directed by Jeannot Szwarc?
It’s a film about a USMLM ‘new-recruit’ and his exploits in E. Germany – see here – itself based upon a 1988 novel Recovery by the American author Steven L Thompson.

You can see it in about 15 parts or more on YouTube, but what about a single DVD?

USMLM Annual Histories

Interesting that USMLM histories are publicly available, but BRIXMIS histories are not.
Of course, these once classified – SECRET –  annual reports are now publicly available – unclassified – so may have been pre-scrubbed precisely because they were made public. However, a quick glance at the 1988 history seems to suggest that they are pretty comprehensive and, as far as can be seen, only the SECRET header classification has been redacted.
Maybe, they contain different – ie. less sensitive – material that allows disclosure, versus non-disclosure. However, again, a quick glance at 1988 shows distributions, names, targets, activities, photographs, amongst most other things one would expect from this originally secret document.
Thus, it is curious for at least two reasons: first, given the US propensity for ‘secrecy’ one might not have reasonably be expected to have access to such material at all; second, it rather begs the question why the British equivalents are not available given that the three Military Missions did incredibly similar (co-ordinated even) things.