Notwithstanding the duration, scope, and impact of the Military Liaison Missions, little has been written about them. This is a shame. It would be useful of itself to explore their contribution; but, perhaps more usefully, they may serve as case-studies for future intelligence efforts. Today, in Afghanistan for example, intelligence practitioners struggle to coordinate and ‘gel’ with their operations and other HQ staff in order to derive an optimum result from the intelligence function. In BRIXMIS and other Missions the staff were ‘mixed’ from the start. Moreover, at a tactical level, to pick a banal example, sunglasses were rarely worn (whatever the circumstances) and certainly not when in contact with others. By contrast, at the strategic and political level, Mission members were very clear about the underlying purpose, meaning and objectives of their role; it was perfectly aligned to the ideology of the time … on both sides.

To give you an idea about the role of the Missions, have a look at this short 4-minute clip by Artlinefilms – Keeping the Cold War Cold:


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